Our Process

  • 1. Get Started on your new install

    How do you use power? Submit your energy usage here.

    Or, if you would like to talk to someone about how solar works, the benefits and what you should expect when going solar, we will gladly meet with you. Everyone uses energy differently and to get an accurate quote we will need to assess your energy usage and future needs. Cost will always vary depending on how you and your family use energy and the size of system you will require.

  • 2. Site Survey

    Simply put, a site survey makes sure the proposed solar panels will fit on your roof, accounts for chimneys, roof vents and other factors. At this time, we will go through your proposal with you and answer any question you may have.

    A signed contract & deposit will be required to move to step 3.

  • 3. Design Engineering & Permitting

    This is when our work really begins.

    Your proposed layout will be engineered into CAD drawings and your project submitted for permit approval. We also begin your Net Energy Metering Application. If you require Homeowners Association Approval, we will take care of that as well.

    A progress payment is due at this time and an installation schedule will be provided.

  • 4. Installation Day

    Depending on the size of your system, you can expect us to be working on your solar installation for 1-3 days. If the solar is going on your roof, we first make sure that the racking feet are installed to be leak free. Once the racking is complete the panels will be mounted. All wiring will be completed, as well as your solar monitoring devices established and set up in your home.

    A progress payment will due on the first day of installation.

  • 5. City Inspections

    Yes, a city permit and inspection is always required for solar panel systems. In fact, an inspection from the city is 1 of 2 steps before you can operate your solar system. Once this is complete, the inspector informs the utility and they review the Net Metering Application we submitted for approval.

  • 6. Utility Approval and Energization

    After the city has inspected your solar installation, the utility company will come out to look at the system and give approval to your Net Metering Application. Your system will then be given Permission to Operate (PTO) from your utility company.

    This process can take between 1-2 weeks.

  • 7. Final Step

    This is the fun part! We get to turn your system on!

    We meet with you and review your now working system! We do an entire system check with you, so you know how to read your inverter and monitoring. Not everyone needs monitoring with their system, but it sure is neat to see the power your solar panels are generating.

    Congratulation, you just made your home happy!

    Final payment is due.

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what our customers say

  • When we decided to go solar we came across Rehab Solar. We signed a contract with this company and we are so glad we did! The owner, Trevor, had a very good background, very experienced and knowledgeable. They were very precise on the layout, installation and completion! We are very happy with Rehab Solar and would highly recommend them to anyone considering going solar!

    Ron C., Valley Center, CA
  • These guys were great! Trevor did a ground mount system for us. Layed out correctly for maximum sun exposure. Installation was quick and efficient. System is set up so I can monitor what each panel is producing. Trevor even keeps an eye on it to make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to.
    Use these guys, you won’t be disappointed!

    Doug Z, San Marcos ground mount