Home Batteries

Home Batteries

Solar systems can make peak power during the day, but any energy you’re not using at that moment is put back on the power grid and shared with your neighbors. Now the utility company does give you a credit (at a reduced price) for all the power you are making them. But how nice it would be to capture all the extra power you’re making.
And that is the beauty of Home Batteries, storing power, for when you need it!

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*Starting cost for service type, Prices may vary based on location, condition, improvements, updates, lot sizes and building type, among other factors.


Depends on system size.

what our customers say

  • When we decided to go solar we came across Rehab Solar. We signed a contract with this company and we are so glad we did! The owner, Trevor, had a very good background, very experienced and knowledgeable. They were very precise on the layout, installation and completion! We are very happy with Rehab Solar and would highly recommend them to anyone considering going solar!

    Ron C., Valley Center, CA
  • These guys were great! Trevor did a ground mount system for us. Layed out correctly for maximum sun exposure. Installation was quick and efficient. System is set up so I can monitor what each panel is producing. Trevor even keeps an eye on it to make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to.
    Use these guys, you won’t be disappointed!

    Doug Z, San Marcos ground mount